20 January 2020 – Monday of week 2 in Ordinary Time

One might ask, "We live in a broken, messy world; how can we be joyful?" Christ answers that question in today's gospel by telling us that He is the new eternal life. He is the Savior of all humankind!

The reading today implies old and new things do not mix well together. The examples Christ gives are, "No one sews a piece of unshrunken cloth (new cloth) on an old cloak. …no on pours new wine into old wineskins, the wine will burst the skins." The old ways are difficult to change, yet to follow Christ we are called to move away from our sinful ways and grow closer to Him. When we are in relationship with Christ, we can experience a sense of peace and true joyfulness. We still carry the burden of our brokenness, yet we can know and feel Christ's unconditional love. His life and death are powerful reasons to rejoice.