19 January 2020 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Once, a monk saw a man searching for something on the ground outside his house. He asked the man, "What are you searching?" "I am looking for my key", he said. The monk also joined in the search and after a few minutes he asked the man: "Where exactly did you drop it?" The man answered: "In my house." "Then why are you looking here?" the monk asked. "Oh! There is lighter here than in my house," replied the man.

The only cause of losing peace and joy is sin. Therefore, it is only by dealing with our sin that true peace and joy can be found. In other words, we must look for our key in the place exactly where we have lost it.

Last week we looked at who Jesus is and what for he has come to do. Isaiah introduces the Messiah as the Servant of God who has come to enlighten everyone on Earth and liberate all people from sin and darkness. In today's gospel John introduces Jesus to his own disciples, "Behold, the Lamb of God!" After John's introduction, the disciples are to look to Jesus. John also gives us reasons for following Jesus:

John's description of Jesus is brief but gives us a very clear picture of who Jesus is. Jesus is the Lamb of God. He takes away our sins. He is before and above everyone. He is filled with the Holy Spirit and he is the Son of God. Hence, Jesus is the one we are to look to for cleansing, healing, guidance, courage, comfort, forgiveness and peace.

If we humbly and courageously confess our sins he forgives and takes away all our guilt and gives us peace. If we read and meditate upon his word he brings us out of darkness. If we choose to follow him he shapes our life. If we surrender to him he offers us abundant life.

Now that we have been introduced to our Lord and Savior and what he can do for us, it is now up to us to look to Jesus for our redemption and eternal peace and joy. Will you let Jesus our Savior save you from sin and the darkness of life?