13 January 2020 - Monday of week 1 in Ordinary Time

After our time of celebrating the Christmas season, we return to observing Ordinary Time - or, more precisely, "counted time" between now and the beginning of Lent. For the next eight weeks, we will move through the first ten chapters of Mark's gospel. It is a terrific time to let Jesus tell us his story in a very direct way.

Jesus have had some charisma.

How do we know this? Because they dropped their nets and left the men they were working with including, for James and John, their own father.

Perhaps it would be worth the time to pray today’s Gospel, using Ignatian contemplation, that is, using your imagination to enter the scene and employing your senses to assist you. What does the scene look like? Who all is there? What character are you? Knowing that Jesus calls all of us to accompany Him, what precisely does He say to you? And what do you respond?