10 December 2019 – Tuesday of the 2nd week of Advent

We are in the second week of Advent, that season of anticipation when we wait eagerly for the celebration of Jesus’ birth that occurred a couple thousand years ago. Although today’s reading of Isaiah is a beautiful reminder of God’s coming to his people, at the time it was not a reminder but a prediction.

There are billions of people who have lived and died from the time of Isaiah’s prophecy to now. Everyone is like a lamb known by the shepherd who will lovingly tend to us and hold us close.

What we can all do is cherish the love and comfort that we have received from our Lord and share it with those we know and those we do not; with those who are mourning and those who are celebrating; with those who are living in poverty and those who are rich; with those who are physically or emotionally suffering, and those who are healthy and happy.