6 November 2019 - Wednesday of week 31 in Ordinary Time

Jesus invites his disciples to place their trust in the Lord.

Todays’ Gospel seems hard. English translation uses the powerful word “hate” to describe the attitude of a disciple. Despite, this, the invitation here is not to push aside our loved ones. Rather, it is an invitation to place our trust ever more deeply into the Lord.

In many ways this response what St. Ignatius Loyola calls for in his Spiritual Exercises. His First Principle and Foundation reminds us that we ought to hold everything with an indifference; embrace what draws us closer to God with the courage to let go whatever does not. Likewise his prayer at the close of the retreat invites us to thank God for the graces of our lives – including our friends and families – while at the same time returning those graces to God, asking only for God’s love. That is the invitation echoed by the readings today. To embrace the joys and graces of the world, while having the freedom to let go when necessary. To trust only in God, our Light and our Salvation.