Friday 1 November 2019 - All Saints

Welcome: In the times of great persecutions of the early Church, there were so many martyrs that it was impossible to commemorate each one on an individual day.

Today we honor all the holy women and men who have gone before us, trusting in God's fidelity.

All you saints of God intercede for us this day, that we might see and believe in the Good News of the Cross and Resurrection in our daily lives.

The homily

The gospel today does not tell us WHO are saints but how to reach for holiness. We mourn, we hunger, we thirst, we lack, we are hurt, we make peace. These are actions and not states of being. Sanctity is a verb and not a noun.

Today is a day to rejoice in all the Saints of the Church, all the saints in our lives, and what is saintly in each of us. The Gospel, like life itself, is full of paradoxes, for we are told today that when we and others are less than complete THEN we have the opportunity for deeper sanctity and the Kingdom of God will indeed appear.